September 25
Hall of Knights, The Hague
The Netherlands

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Co-creating trusted ecosystems
that solve 21st century challenges

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Future of Trust Summit

Collaborate in a curated roundtable setting in the historic heart of Dutch democracy, the Hall of Knights, in the Hague.

The 21st-century challenges are decentralized yet interconnected, and thus cannot be solved by a single organization or software platform. To solve these challenges, we require the entire networks of organizations and individuals that operate on a new type of public-private infrastructure allowing them to achieve common goals. We call these networks ecosystems.

Join the 250+ selected international pioneers, leaders, venturers, and creators who all work at the forefront of a societal and economic transformation powered by breakthrough technologies, finding new ways to co-create the future together and move forward.

Work in a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder environment and gain a deep understanding of how the 21st-century challenges can be articulated. The Summit provides all stakeholders with a crucial input and context awareness necessary to contribute effectively to the co-creation of decentralized solutions that support the ecosystems.

The Future of Trust Summit kicks off of the Blockchaingers Open Innovation Program 2018-2019. The follow-up agenda consists of 15 tech, legal, and regulatory deep dives that prepare all participants for the third edition of the largest Blockchain Hackathon in the world where new decentralized solutions are launched. The second edition of the annual Future of Trust Summit is hosted by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, StartupDelta and DutchChain. The Summit is part of a series of events “Knights of the Future”, organized by StartupDelta.

Leverage the momentum at the Future of Trust Summit where alliances grow, agendas are set, and business gets done.

The applications are now closed.


Raymond Knops

State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations

speaker and co-host

Anne-Wil Lucas

Director Breakthrough Technology, StartupDelta

moderator and co-host

Vinay Gupta

Founder, Mattereum


Dimitri De Jonghe

Chief Scientist, Ocean Protocol


Michael Zargham

Founder & CEO, BlockScience


Marleen Stikker

Founder, Waag


Rutger van Zuidam

CEO & Founder, DutchChain & Blockchaingers

speaker and co-host


250+ selected participants will gather at the roundtables in the Hall of Knights to discuss the societal challenges of the 21st century and reflect on how blockchain startups can solve them. At each roundtable, a challenge owner will be joined by a table host and a perfect mix of hand-picked venturers, leaders, and creators. Different skills and backgrounds will form a perfect synergy. This is the starting point of the Innovation Season and a place where the challenges for the Blockchaingers Hackathon 2019 originate from.

Future of Trust Dinner

We invite a hundred members of the DutchChain ecosystem, from founders and hackathon winners to corporate CXOs and high-level public officials, to an exclusive invite-only dinner where they can connect their Summit insights to a decision-making level, ensuring alignment and accelerating alliances for the upcoming season.


Blockchain transforms the way our societies work. The far-reaching, deeply transformational effects of this technology are already felt in a variety of sectors, from governance to commerce, and from healthcare to energy distribution. Yet, this is just the beginning, as we continue to look for new improved ways to govern, provide public services, conduct business, practice law, and carry out all other important processes that underlie any functional society. The DutchChain Innovation Program addresses the business and societal challenges in a most concrete way, successfully incubating new blockchain-powered solutions and bringing them to the market.

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We bring together the stakeholders who are intrinsically motivated and have the power to shape the new digital operating system for our society based on mutual trust. The Blockchaingers open and curated ecosystem is a shift away from a centralized model of running a society and unites the best minds and powerful players, among whom the legal and economic experts, scientists, developers, policy-makers, big corporations, startups, and governmental bodies. The ecosystem nurtures innovative new ideas into real blockchain-powered businesses, continuously creating new ecosystems along the way.

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The Summit combines inspirational input from the blockchain thought leaders with productive roundtable sessions. As an opening event of the Innovation Season 2018/2019, it brings to the table new and established ecosystem players who, armed with the new insights, align around a joint cause and commit to solving a challenge.

Full program

Walk-in and registration
Invitees are welcomed at the Ridderzaal, the main building of the Binnenhof in the Hague, the Netherlands.
8.00 - 09.40
Morning coffee. Ecosystem exhibition.
Perfect time to grab a coffee and explore the exhibition space dedicated to the solutions and services of our ecosystem partners. Exhibiting companies: Unchain.io, VeridenKey, Consense, Cyberpeacekeeping, TNO - Cellblock42, The Ledger, FHICT Chaingers, Kryha, Odd.bot, Go block, Bencom, Loyens & Loeff, Ocean Protocol, and others.
09.40 - 10.20
Summit opening
Opening remarks by Rutger van Zuidam,  CEO of DutchChain, Raymond Knops, State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations,  and Anne-Wil Lucas, Director Breakthrough Technologies at StartupDelta
10.20 - 10.50
Keynote – Michael Zargham, BlockScience
Keynote speech "Complex Systems, Technology & Society" by Michael Zargham, Founder & CEO BlockScience
Keynote – Dimitri de Jonghe, Ocean Protocol
Keynote speech "Token Designs for Collaborative Societies" by Dimitri De Jonghe, Chief Scientist at Ocean Protocol.
11.20 - 12.35
Roundtable session 1 – Exploration of challenges
Participants gather at the roundtables to begin working on the challenges.
12.35 - 13.30
13.30 - 14.15
Fireside chat – Vinay Gupta & Marleen Stikker
A live chat with Vinay Gupta, Founder of Mattereum, and Marleen Stikker, Founder of Waag.
14.15 - 15.30
Roundtable session 2 – Dropping knowledge
Teams continue working on the challenges.
15.30 - 16.00
Roundtable session 3 – Feedback and propelling of challenges
16.00 - 16.15
Closing Remarks from Rutger van Zuidam
16.30 - 18.00
Drinks & bites
Networking time in a relaxed atmosphere.
18.30 - 19.00
Walk-in dinner
19.00 - 22.00
Dinner *invite-only
Invite-only dinner for selected members of the DutchChain ecosystem.
Dinner begins at 19.00 (walk-in at 18.30).
Dress code: be yourself in the Hall of Knights

Your hosts

Dutch Ministry for the Interior and Kingdom Relations

As ecosystem lead partner of the DutchChain Innovation Program, the Ministry aims to digitize the Netherlands and form a European coalition of the willing in an inclusive way: creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups AND securing rights for citizens.

This means discovering answers to questions that are not yet known for Digital Citizenship. Among the Ministries goals are blockchain and biometrics research, open-source legislation and a digital democracy sandbox. The permanent beta mindset of the Ministry will challenge itself and the ecosystem to quickly iterate and innovate towards real-life solutions.


The Netherlands is the best possible place in the world for starting, growing and internationalizing your business, and is the number one gateway to the rest of Europe. StartupDelta, lead by special envoy HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, is continuously building the Dutch startup ecosystem, by breaking down barriers and improving access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.


DutchChain gathers the largest, most complete and open, international ecosystem of 6000+ active participants of developers, board members, startups, scientists, policy workers, regulators, students and entrepreneurs, with official support of the EU and the Dutch government.

The DutchChain Innovation Program to them is a launch pad for exponential blockchain based solutions, with over 15 deep dives, events and the largest blockchain hackathon in the world. The basis is the Netherlands, the stage is the world.



What is the location of the event?

Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights), is the main building of Binnenhof in the Hague, Netherlands. This is where the Dutch monarch delivers its annual Prinsjesdag speech and where royal receptions and interparliamentary conferences are held. This important and unique location is symbolic of the mission of the Summit that challenges the notions of governmental processes and societal operation.

To see more of the location, visit the gallery.

Who can apply?

Everyone who is interested in participating in the Blockchaingers Innovation Season 2018/2019, can apply.  Applying and participating is free of charge. DutchChain curates all applications based on the person’s personal motivation and other information. Last year, there were 600 applicants for 250 spots. Convince us that your participation is very valuable for the ecosystem!

How to apply?

The applications are now closed, but you can apply for a waiting list: https://dutchchain.typeform.com/to/J41tsB