Ecosystem of trust

Most institutions and organizations still live in a linear world, where processes are managed centrally. We believe that we can create a more sustainable world by shifting towards a new model for a society where new ideas are nurtured within the ecosystems of distributed, mutual trust created by all involved parties.

We advocate a decentralized, ecosystem-driven approach, allowing collaborative dynamics to become central. In partnership with the Dutch Government, regulators, international corporations, the EU, investors, universities, NGOs, and international startup and blockchain communities, and other players, DutchChain has created an ideal environment—the unique ecosystem—for scaling new blockchain-powered businesses. This is where launching customers and startups work together with the consulting, legal, and technology partners to build blockchain-based solutions and transform them from prototypes into launchable products and maybe even create completely new types of organizations and business models along the way.

The unique Blockchaingers Innovation Program is an ecosystem in itself, while also an incubator for new businesses and thus new ecosystems. Our culture values sovereignty, decentralization, and open innovation.

The Program is backed with a seasonal approach, which starts in September with the Future of Trust Summit and involves three stages:

Preparation. Ecosystem actors connect, share and learn at the 12 pre-hackathon Deep Dives.
Momentum. All actors co-create at the largest blockchain Hackathon in the world.
Acceleration. Best teams and their solutions are accelerated towards launchable products.